Alpha Guard

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Alpha Guard

aldehyde free disinfectant & cleaning liquid

An aldehyde free, economical disinfectant for the cleaning and disinfection of wipe resistant surfaces, especially of equipment surfaces and objects in the close to the patient area in medical environments. Through its very low usage concentrations ALPHA GUARD is extremely economical. ALPHA GUAD is a liquid concentrate. Use the disinfectant detergent safely. Before usage read always the usage instructions.  Medical product of the class IIa.

  • quickly and comprehensively bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal, virus inactivating  incl HBV/HIV
  • effective against enveloped viruses according to the current recommendation of the Robert
  • Koch-Institute: BVDV(HCV) + Vaccinia viruses
  • effective against SV 40 viruses
  • effective against Noro viruses
  • MRSA tested and effective
  • very good cleaning properties
  • very economical through low usage concentrations
  • good material and skin compatibility
  •  suitable for central and peripheral dosage equipments
  •  suitable for the disinfection by the immersion method
  •  for mixing systems at washing machines and treatment / caring pans / trays

Choose suitable concentration, for example 1,5 % (15ml / 1litre water). With a 8 litre bucket (8 x 15ml =) measure 120 ml from the container and add it to the wiping water. Wipe the surfaces which are to be disinfected. Observe the contact time. Close the container again tightly. For other concentrations see usage concentrations.

  • 2 litre
  • 5 litre